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To our sponsors, supporters, community service volunteers, donors and friends, we honor you in helping to make Grant A Wish, Inc a great organization. Since our inception in 1981, we continue to provide


In memory of Ms. Anne Blair founder of Grant A Wish, Inc we continue the mission.

We want to thank the following individuals/companies for their love and support of our organization and its programs.


In Loving Memory of

Mr. Joseph Rosin

Hyman’s Ace Hardware–Jim Augustine

Mrs. Ruth Rosin–Donation

Brown Sugar Bakery

Shawn Michelle’s Homemade Ice Cream

SelfPro Motion–Mr. Earle Chisolm El & Family

Ill Form Clothing–Mr. Will Sostand

Ms. Niecy Ward Gift Baskets, Flowers & Balloon’s

Ms. Lazette Toney-Parents With A Purpose-Baby Program

Roger Malinski & Family-School Program

St. Hubert’s Catholic Church-School Program

Altair Adviser, LLC–Denise Turcott, Jason Schultz & Associates

Ms. Alesondjre Knoble-Volunteer Director School Program

Hitachi Consulting Co–Jamie Duncan & Associates-AHGP-2013

Marc J Lane Wealth Group–Marc J. Lane

Ms. Jhan Knoble-GAW Holiday Gift Program Coordinator

East Bank Club–Sydney Schwartz & Associates–Catering-AHGP

Alta K Station-Fred Eberle-AHGP

Reed Smith, LLP–Atty Carolyn Rosenberg & Associates-AHGP 

Reed Smith, LLP–Ms. Natalia Lipscomb–Case Assistant-AHGP 

Ms. Grace Rubinson–Baby Clothing Donations

Mrs. Leslie Bernstein–Baby Supply Donations

Mr. Sonny Gill–Baby Bassinet–Donation

Mr. Glenn Robinson–Transportation-RIP August 2014

Mr & Mrs. Greggory Thomas-Food Program

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co—Payroll Deductions

Greater Chicago Food Depository–Staff–Support Services

Microsoft–Payroll Deductions

City of Chicago/Department of Family & Support Services–Food Program

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher & Nora Powers—AHGP 

Harvey Community Center–Food Program

KPMG, LLP—Ms. Susan Wang & Associates—AHGP 2013/2014

Mrs. Elizabeth Kerr—AHGP

Ms. Lela Cotton

Black United Fund of Illinois–Henry English, Calvin Cook, Julie Houston and Associates

Mrs. Edith Thompson Consulting-Annual Holiday Gift Program-2012/2013/2014

Ms Sandra Biringer—AHGP

Capstone Publishing Co–Laura Villano & Associates—AHGP

Ms. Rebecca Kennedy—AHGP

First Bank & Trust—Kinga Sanders & Simon Yohanan—AHGP 2013

Maria Melacrinos–Rocky River, OH—AHGP-2013

Kaya Day Spa–Ms. Dora–Chicago, IL—AHGP-2013

Arista Foods–Ms. Kate–Chicago, IL—AHGP-2013

Ms. Jennifer Gizzi–Santa Rosa Beach, Fl—AHGP-2013

Atlas Crossfit Gym–Ms. Nicole–Chicago, IL—AHGP-2013/2014

Patty & Tom Thompson(Circuit Works)–Antioch, IL—AHGP-2013

Circuit Works–Ms. Kristan & Lisa–Waukegan, IL—AHGP-2013

Pin Me Up–Ms. Brittani, Dana & Lesley–Chicago, IL—AHGP-2013

Mr. Greg Tong–KMG-Private Wealth Management

Cluster Moms of Multiples(Ms. Chris Moore)–Tinley Park-2012/2013/2014

Ms. Jacqueline Chew–School Program

Duro Bag Manufacturing Co–Alsip, IL-2012/2013/2014

Mr. Barry C. Mastin Jr-Consultant-Liberty Mutual Insurance Co–Chicago, IL—Volunteer Day

Mr. Melvin Hall-29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Ms. Shaya Hayum-29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Ms. Mattie Bryant-29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Mr. Darryll & Paul Blakely–Community Service/Hunger Walk-2014

Atty Carolyn Rosenberg–Globalgiving Open Challenge-2014

Mr. Charles Tellery–29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Obani & Associates(Chicago)–Chris

Mr. Darryl Benson-Volunteer

Ms. Melissa Jackson-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Wally Wade–Grant A Wish Food Program

Ms. Sherelene A. Harris–29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Ms. Tracey Waugh–29th Annual Hunger Walk-2014

Mr. Earle Chisolm El–29th Annual Hunger Walk

Mr. Jack Solomon–Illinois Bobcats

Ms. Ruby Morris—New Direction Ministry-2014

Mrs. Evi Sukandi & Family-Baby Program

Mr. Derrick Ramsey-Donation

Mr. William Fenderson-Donation

Ms. Alexandra Edwards-Donation

Mr. John Benson-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Amy Murray-Donation

Mr. Mitch Joseph & Family-Large Donation to Baby Program

Mrs. Nicole Michaud & Family-Baby Program

Ms. Anna Stefanski-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Carrie Dye-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Alexandra Shoda-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Atty Lowell Sachnoff-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Atty Mark Hersh-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Bloom Yoga Studio-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Laser Luxe-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Painless Waxing Boutique-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Hitachi Consulting Co-Bethany Wolfer, Alejandro Arguello & Associates–2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

First Bank & Trust-Simon Yohanan, Kinga Sanders, Lisa Hanley, John Lynch, Peter McGuire & Associates–2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

 215 West Apartments-Lincoln Property Management-2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

AltairAdvisers,LLC–2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program-Ms. Denise Turcott, Mr. Steven Weinstein and staff.

East Bank Club–Ms. Sydney Schwartz & Staff2014 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Heather Markey-Donation

Mr. Kevin Guise-Community Service Volunteer

Ms. Lunye K. Patterson-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Donald Leopardi-Comcast Corp

Mrs. Nicole Spitzer & Family-Baby Program

Mrs. Leslie Bernstein & Family-Baby Program

Mrs. Roshni Vasiawala & FamilyBaby Program

Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Brooke Martyn-Baby Program

Mr. Yshi Goodson-Volunteer

Mr. Donald Russell-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Michael Perry-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Jahmal Perkins-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Terrance Dale-Community Service Volunteer

Ms. Tabia Taylor-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Eric Pleasant-Community Service Volunteer

Mr. Emanuel Tillman-Community Service Volunteer

Ms. Shanice Mackey-Outstanding Volunteer 2014/2015/2016

Mrs. Grace Rubinson-Grant A Wish Baby Program-2015

Ms. Alexus Burks & Associates-Networked Insights-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Edith & Tommy Thompson2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Jessica Fox-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Fred Eberle-Concierges Alta K Station-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

East Bank Club-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

KMPG, Inc-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Joyce Forney-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Altair Advisers-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Fremd High School-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Phyllis Kastle-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

 Mr. Howard Lamont Offord III-Community Service Volunteer

Ms. Melissa Cirillo & Friends-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Maria Cichowski-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Dana Russo & Family-Grant A Wish Baby Program

Mr. Greg Tong-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Patricia Thompson-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Krystyna Chomiak-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Swapadventure-Ms. Angelika Babich/Ms. Maggie Pawelko-2015 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Nancy DiVito & Family-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL

Mr. Melvin Freeman-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Mr. Aaron Sipp Jr.-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Mr. Justice Yisrael-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Ms. Jane Dietz-Donation

Ms. Charise Fields-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Ms. Maureen Crowe-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mr Wally Wade-Grant A Wish Food Program-2016

Mr. Adam Bezman-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mr. Rick Davids-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mrs. Heather Adams-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mrs. Julie Tschanz-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mrs. Erika McKinney & Family-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Chicago, IL-2016

Ms. Rathi Sahgal-Grant A Wish Food Program-Chicago, IL-2016 

Mrs. Heidi Bicking-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mr. & Mrs. Sheetal Rai & Family-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Glenview, IL-2016

Mr. David Blair-Community Service Volunteer-2016-

Mr. Lamonte Moore-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Ms. Merredith Lewis-Grant A Wish School Program-Apartments.com-Chicago, IL-2016

Mr. Brian Henderson-Community Service Volunteer-Circuit Court-2016

University of Chicago-Engage Chicago Through Service-September 2016

Mr. Brian Walton-Community Service Volunteer-October 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Angela Lewis-All 4 Kidz Enterprises—Donation of 340 new Books for Kids-November 2016

 Ms. Petya Dangulova (” Sweet Help “) Truffle Sale Raised $300.00 with the help of her Friends:

M. Dangulova

 V. Lipova

P. Dimitrova

 T. Rutkiewicz

 D. Genchev

 M. Yankova

 N. Nikolov

 A. Petrov

 S. Radev

 J. Roque

 V. Koleva

T. Cruz

 A. Kibble

 I. Iskrev

 M. Yordanov

 B. Michael

Shultz Family


 I. Iankov

 A. Sapundzhiev 

Mr. Jahi K. Owens-Community Service Volunteer-November 2016

Mr. Eric Sanchez-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Mr. Joseph Strickland-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Ms. LaJonda Swift-Community Service Volunteer-2016

Mr. Marqual Murphy-Community Service Volunteer-2016 

I Glow Girls Youth Mentoring-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Sowing Seeds Movement-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

New Life Church-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Substance of Hope-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Greater Learning Opportunity-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Community Assistance Program-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

It Takes A Village(4000)-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

It Takes A Village(4020)-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Renaissance Hotel Chicago-Ms. Kimberly Kornita & Associates-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Fremd High School-Students & Staff-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Alta K Station Chicago-Fred Eberle Concierges-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

W Hotel-Mr. Mark Serrano-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

East Bank Club-Ms. Sydney Schwartz-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

KPMG,LLC-Amanda Romell & Associates-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Networked Insights Chicago-Ms. Deborah Evans & Associates-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Lindsay Kruzynski-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Melissa Cirillo & Friends-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Phyliss Kastle & Friends-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Edith Thompson-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Patricia Thompson-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mane Space/Ms. Dana Louder-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Tom Behringer-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Darwin Sampson-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Greg Tong-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Brittani Sylvester-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Alyssa Treutelaar-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Jackie Harding-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Laurie Stahl-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Katrina Treutelaar-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Dorota Janczak-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Susan Mayworm-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Jessica O’Neal-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Third Blvd-Ms. Alissa Reed & Associates-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Windy City Cannabis-Mr. Wren Allyn-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Lauren Cotter-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Hinsdale Audio/Video -Ms. Julie Benjamin & Associates-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Opus Fund Services-Ms. Deb Bagby-(Naperville, IL )-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Madona Cumar & Associates-TVSDESIGN-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Marc & Mrs. Trish Adelman-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Gwendolyn Adelman-TVSDESIGN

Mr. Miguel Andonaegui-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Sarah Busch-TVSDESIGN

Mr. Doug Finck-TVSDESIGN


Ms. Caterina Hutchinson-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Bonnie Kisielowski-TVSDESIGN

Mr. Simon Lazar-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Amanda Roth-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Karen Teeling-TVSDESIGN

Ms. Judy Peterson-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Laser Luxe Chicago-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Amanda Mortenson-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Roshni Vasaiwala & Family-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Sweeney Family Foundation-Ms. Margaret Powell-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Ms. Maria Teresa Roman-Chicago Transit Authority(Holiday Food Train)-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Nallery Licardie & Family-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs Shelia Gray & The First Grade Class /Morgan Park Academy-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mr. Dale Eggert-2016 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Community Service Volunteers-2017

Mr. Kenneth Nelson-Community Service Volunteer-2016/2017

Mr. Grady Bouie-Community Service Volunteer-2016/2017

Ms. Malessia Weatherby-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Shakeyla Sanders-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Kene Harvey -Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Eliseo Rico-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Karl Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Nakiya Parker-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Travina Griffin-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Warren Mangum-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Veronica Shields-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Robby Isais-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Jonathan Tims-Community Service Volunteers-2017

Walmart-Chicago, IL

Home Depot-Chicago, IL

Lowes Home Improvement-Chicago, IL

Mr. Victor Rodriguez-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Terrance Lofton-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Jontisha Wilson-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Timothy Garrette-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Gerardo Prado-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Melvin Tate-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Bobby Marks-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Martin Campos-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Jasmin Dover-Liberty Mutual Insurance Co-Volunteer-May 2017

Mr. Yahaakob Estes-Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-May 2017

Ms. Olga Bykina- Owner FabLunch-300 Lunch Container Donations May 2017

Mr. Christopher Perry-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Niaga Rouse-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Bryant Moss-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Ruby Liptack-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Rashaad Douglas-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Jarvis Treadwell-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Faison Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Samyia Gibbs-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Jerel Harris-Pitner-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Elwin Tobias-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Charmaine Moore-Community Service Volunteer-2017

                        Ms. Danielle Walker-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Aurelio Navarrette-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Lenardo Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Natosha McCollum-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Tamara Washington-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Tanisha Willis-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Vaughn Bean-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Lewis Ball-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Yahaakob Estes Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Bianca Melendez-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Jeffery Booker-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Tremal Underwood-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Synthia Harvey-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. David Sanchez-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Michael Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Devonte Warmack-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Lauren Abercrombie-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Devin Armstrong-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Marquita Armour-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Ms. Tiffany Hughes-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Randolph Wilmington-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Mr. Emmanuel Hathaway-Community Service Volunteer-2017

Community Service Volunteers-2018

Ms. Dana Leatherwood-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Darryl Benson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Joseph Bridges-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Justin Thorton-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Roderick Kimmons-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Jorge Rios-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Fallon Lindsey-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Giseli Morales-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Reginald Woods-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Diamonte Wilborn-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. LaShawn Gordon-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Tiree Cole-Shade-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. British Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Kerry Harrell Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Jonathan Bombela-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Jennifer Hefter-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Tasheaka Gray-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Diane Stokes-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Jeffrey Barnes Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2018 

Mr. Phillip Lennett-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Michelle Lovett-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Tony Irons-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Selene Bivanco-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. LaWanda Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Andrea Green-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Daviana Burton-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Carlton Bryant-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Alan O’Neal-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Darius Dixon-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Sherry Barner-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Derrick Staples-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Barbara Oliver-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Trenisha Milam-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Conchetta Davis-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Leachae Phillips-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Andre Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Chavonte Reynolds-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Thomas Hensley-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Karl Underwood-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Joshua Cano-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Andrea Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Fernando Poblete-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Laurence Vanhoose-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Corey English-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Timothy Garrett Sr-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. James Dussias & Family-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Chicago, IL-2018

Mrs. Lisa DeMarco-Grant A Wish Baby Program-Chicago, IL-2018

Ms. Velma Hood-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Merlin Henderson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Thank You To Ace Hardware-Chicago

  Ms. Candice King-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Calvin Green Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Javier Zamora-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Deana Hudson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Krishara Hill-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Samuel Rankin-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Darryl Blakeley-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Giovanna Allen-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Michael Peoples-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Michael Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Robert Murray-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Giovanna Allen-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Deja Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mrs. Amabelia Gonzalez- Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Kristy Bowens-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Sheryl Townsend-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Redale King-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Adrian Sanchez-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Christopher Gordon-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Taylor Konicke-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Nereida Calderon-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms.  Beverly Bolton-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Brian Chavers-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Ruben Lomeli-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Ms. Julie Zastawny-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Deandre Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. James Amos-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Bryant Clark-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Charles Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Corshawn Crowder-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. John Holden Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Brian Lang-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Jose Marquez-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Travis Taylor-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Jacob Myers-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Daryl Stephens-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Nathaniel Allen-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Armond Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2018

Mr. Rashad Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2018

East Bank Club-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

IProspect-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

 Renaissance Hotel-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Beacon Hill Staffing-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Marriott Hotel-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Westin Hotel-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mane Space Salon-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Altair Advisors-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Atty Carolyn Rosenberg-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Edith Thompson-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

KPMG, LLC-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

New Life Restoration-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Kirkland & Ellis-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Alta K Station-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Midtown Athletic Clubs-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Arbor Management-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Fremd High School-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Main Steel(Elk Grove Village)-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Diamond Solutions(Carol Stream)-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Mrs. Phylliss Kastle-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Vanessa Hernandez-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Constellation-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Skybridge-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Becker Healthcare-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Waystar-Grant A Wish 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Program

A Big Thank You to ShelterLogic.com for the new, Pop Up Canopy Cover Donation for Outdoor Events-September 2018

A big hand also goes out to the Rubinson family for their diligent donation efforts in securing and delivering this much-needed event item

Quilt Connection-Beautiful, Handmade Baby Quilts-2018
St. Benedict Parish-Donation of Baby Equipment and Clothing-2018

Community Service Volunteers-2019

Thank You Ms. Vickie Bass of Ashley Stewart Store in River Oaks, IL-Donation-Jan 2019

Mr. Jovan Mayfield-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Angela Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Dejanae Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Stephanie Greene-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Deapolis Moore-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Ebony Harden-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. James Randall-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Derrick Irons-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Chanel Cobbs-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Latike Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Leticia Graham-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Charvelle Davis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Kashara Sims-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Michael Peoples-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Anthony Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Zulnavia Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Anais Castaneda-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Antron Purnell-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Lorenzo Trotter-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Jasmine Munson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Lorenzo Trotter-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Julian Zamano-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Dennis Hoosier-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Maurice Mays-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Keyonna Perry-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kermit Lee-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Nicholas Welsh-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Angel Lewis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Carlos Moore-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kenneth Troope-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Darion Ward-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Benjamin Donaldson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Bria Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Shenewka Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Synthia Harvey-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Tremaine Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Whitney Lewis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Demetria Cobbs Tucker-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Vernon Williamson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Yanira Valdovinos-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Akorra Noble-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Julian Gregory-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Mikneiah Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jasun Robertson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Lameka White-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Luis Ojeda-Gomez-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Carlos Delgadillo-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Orlando Cardenas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Tommie Garner-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Tony Harts-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jose Barcenas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Maria Esquivel-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Wayne Isbell-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Jasmine Barrett-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Katina Hewitt-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Ricky Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Clara Coats-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Deresa Golden-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Dezire Abrams-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Tiffany Davis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Cedric Viverette-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. William Hayes-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Curtis Ingram-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Jennifer Hefter-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Marvelle Galloway-Miller-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Elijah White-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Robert Leon-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Luis Barraza-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Victoria Walker-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Deja Wilson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Fredrick Bishop-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Joshua Bush-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jamal Carney-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Henry Cooper-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Larry O’Neal-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kareem Toler-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Isaiah Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Marquita Armour-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Francois Seets-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Devonshe Goines-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Sabrina Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Daniel Cooley-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jamal Sterling-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Caridad Quintana-Community Service Volunteer-2019 

Mr. Quinton Booker-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Dawn Cunningham-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Dominique Hall-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Sean Kelly-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Khiell Lee-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Aaron Thompson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Gregory Browning-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Michael Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Randy Carson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Lawrence Lavigne-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kwame Wilson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Marcus Collins-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Leticia Fernandez-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Ashanti McDonald-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Erica Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Larry Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kevin Carmichael-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Trevor Harmon Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Richard Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jalen Drummer-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Lafayette Taylor-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Joshlyn Manley-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jakyra Richmond-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Hakim El-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Baru McDowell-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Edward Bowens-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jessie Carter-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jabrice Reese-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Juan Chavez-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Carla Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Arturo Alfaro-Arreola-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Brian Payton-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. William Koncel-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. David Bradfield-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jason Townsend-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jonathan Cruz-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Kenneth Ragsdale-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Keith Davis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Justin Watson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Taymarie Taylor-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Dalvonzo Owens-Comunity Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jose Linares-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Tevin Willis-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Jean Leonard-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Joann Doran-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Monique Glover-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Tarsheena Twyman-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. James Warren-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Richsha Buckles-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Leonard Banks-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Kayla Adams-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Everett Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Robert Cisneros-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Maxwell Hamm-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Howard McHerron-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Erica Carter-Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Francis Sawyer-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Richsha Buckles-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Carolyn Brown-Coney-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Zachary Bullington-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Allysha Ford-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Tia Taylor-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Norman Nowling-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Emoni Tate-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Heydi Hernandez-Deleon-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Cesar Diaz-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Aerial Holmes-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Erika Viramontes-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Ms. Kyanna Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Carlos Pineiro-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Mr. Ian Glascott-Community Service Volunteer-2019

Community Service Volunteers-2020

Mr. Anthony Mclin-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Carlotta Weathers-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Carolena Simpson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Briana Russ-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Samantha Rodriguez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Rafael Padilla-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jeanell Harris-Community Service Volunteer-2020 

Mr. Theric Patrick Jr.-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Lorraine Leftwich-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jeffrey Keys-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Benaiah Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Laneya Porter-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Gremar McDade-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Keisha Murray-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Michael Douglas-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Blaine Mineman-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Latoya Green-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Emmanuel Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Briayana Stokes-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Damian Dixon-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Demetrius Downing-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Corrissa Wright-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Timmie Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Glenes Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Billy Shearer-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Felicia Thomas-Community Service Volunter-2020

Mr. Daryl Dennis-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Monique Cole-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Charles McCalister-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Keith Wiley-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Andre Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Cierra Jones-Communityy Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Walter Carr-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Devin Moore-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Destinee Bell-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Thaddeus McNeil-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Brandie Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Nicole Bowie-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Joe Anderson-Community Service Volunteer-2020 

Ms. Derrica Reeves-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jeremy Dryier-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Christopher Scott-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Theoda Bynum-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Lacoma Bragg-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Paulo Mariscal-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Tanya Turner-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jessica Reyes-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Viviana Marin-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Melvin Welch-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Angelo Martinez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Kevin Gerrish & Family-Financial Donation-2020

Mr. Antonio Hart-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Kenneth Holman-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Terrence Crawford-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Teresa Hernandez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Antonio Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Robert Washington-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Maria Lanier-Communityy Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Matthew Gandurski-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Alejandra Sinaloa-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jacob Schaller-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Reginald Allen-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Donald Emory-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Robert Washington-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Darren Miller-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Eric Thompson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Leantre Joyner-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Rashad Wells-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Terry Tucker-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Davenique Ingram-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Frank Porter-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Michael McKelphin-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Earthus Flowers-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Lezeric Hicks-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Anthony Harris-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. John Clayton-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Amirius Clinton-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Carmell Grant-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Roberto Carlos-Cisneros-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. James Graham-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Marquita Hill-Dandridge-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Bryan Orrala-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Scott Wood-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Niamalika Edwards-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Quadonda Gunn-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jonathan Jimenez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Guadalupe Villarreal-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Chanel Bond-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Rakyah Whittier-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Wallace Faust-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Darnell Avant-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jerry Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Doris Barry-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Ray Stafford Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Sheldon Neal-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Diontay Kimberly-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Betty Woodlock-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Cedric Hughes-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Elizabeth Turnipseed-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Brandee Stanton-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Stedman Carter-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Julie Meza-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Cesar Diaz-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. John Rhead-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. David Wells-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Michael Porter-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jaline Rose-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Ismael Rodriguez-Arzabe-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Lewis Ball-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Genaro Rejon-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Crystal Ruiz-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Forrest Flowers-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jimmina Williams-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. David McNeal-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Carlos Catarino-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Stephanie Macklin-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Junior Beltran-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Arieal Saddler-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. William Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Andrea Harrell-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Terrecco Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jeanell Harris-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Ramon Rodriguez-Vasquez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Anthony Neubeck-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Brandee Stanton-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Markita Robinson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Marcel Coleman-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Monroe Durrah-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Breana Jennings-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Dominik Bonarek-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Marcus Harrison-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jonathan McKinney-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Kimberly Joseph-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Dylan Lawson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Bobby Bishop-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Samuel Dobbs Jr-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Jessica Adams-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Michael Lindley-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Bobby Hearn-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Michael Jerry-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Anthony Bishop-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Ronald Maney-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Shirley Edwards-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Malcolm Spruiell-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Tony Imgram-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Lavette Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Darryl Buckner-Community Service Volunteer-2020

     Mr. Christopher Babbington-Community Service Volunteer-2020

      Mr. Kenneth Bledsoe-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Thurston Hunt-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Kenon Wlliams-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Jose Ramirez-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Ms. Lusia Macedo-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Marcus George-Community Service Volunteer-2020

  Mr. Clifford Wright-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Mr. Melvin Walker-Community Service Volunteer-2020

Community Service Volunteers-2021

                      Mr. Mario Rivera-Villagomez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Ms. Brittney Bates-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Frank Slotkus-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Francisco Colchado-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                                 Mr. Robert McGee-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Julio Gomez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                          Ms. Carianne Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                        Mr. DeMarco Walker-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Maurice Barbee-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Mr. Roland Bohn-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Tawny Gray-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Dale Daniels-Community Service Volunteer-2021

             Mr. Karim Rojas-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Zarreyl Colbert-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                                    Mr. Stanley Westmoreland-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Mr. James Payne-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Andrew Webb-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Ms. Corrissa Wright-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                     Mr. Jerry T. Souvannasing-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Josue Cardona-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Johnnie Stewart-Community Service Volunteer-2021

              Mr. Connor Gibson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

               Mr. Jarvis Treadwell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

               Mr. Miguel Benitez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Antwoin Thompson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

              Mr. Lewis Ball-Community Service Volunteer-2020

              Ms. Shermella Brown-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                    Mr. Melvin Clayton-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                           Mr. DeShawn Strong-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                    Mr. Nathaniel Boe-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                    Mr. Lavelle Ellis-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Lance Sanders-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Robert Pavesich-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                        Mr. Diego Granados-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                         Ms. Sharon Harden-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                        Mr. Armando Conde-Reyes-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Albert Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Herber Herrador-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Ms. Elizabeth Garcia-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                    Mr. Anthony Smith-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                     Ms. Vanessa Sotelo-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Mr. Karim Ellis-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Daniel Hernandez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Mr. Romale Cook-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Ms. Marquetia Sykes-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Duane Spears-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Avery Pipes-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Ms. Naisha Frazier-Community Service Volunteer-2021

               Ms. Shannon Kaval-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Anthony Neubeck-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Leonardo Garcia-Community Service Volunteer-2021

               Ms. Brianna Mims-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Lawrence Briggs-Community Service Volunteer-2021

              Mr. Dennis Hoosier-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Ms. Tatiana Nesbitt-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Lonnie Hayes-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                Mr. Jonathan Garibay-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Steven Trunnell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                 Mr. Cedric Stamps-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                  Mr. Deonate Walker-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Manuel Maradiaga-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                     Ms. Briana Hickman-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                     Mr. Michael Russell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Xavier Pledger-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Mr. Robert Fiedler-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Jaime Ochoa-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                      Mr. Steven Butler-Community Service Volunteer-2021

            Mr. Mario Spruiell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                   Mr. Kerry Hood-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                        Ms. Tyeshia Ballard-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                     Mr. Isaias Villegas-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                    Mr. Cesar Diaz-Community Service Volunteer-2021

              Ms. Precious Henderson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

            Ms. Breian Boggin-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Dameon Harris-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Bobby Hearns-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Joshua Greer-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Ludale Jordan-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Victor Martin Jr.-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Shaun Ramsey-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Michael Porter-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Marquis Brittman-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jose Ramirez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Arnez Banks-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Demetrus Stewart-Community Service Volunteer-2021

  Ms. Kaneika Wren-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Robyn Cramer-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Kraig Payne-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jawone Brooks-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Napoleon Brock-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. John Mickle-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Kenyatta Cobb-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Labrone Faulks-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Lakeisha Cruther-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Tavell Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Michael Sanchez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Deidra Rodriguez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

                       Ms. Katelynn Klimezak-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Keith Robbins-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Lionel Buchanan-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Murray Harmon-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Theresa Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Antianna Jackson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Shaquanna Jones-Harris-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Aaron Juarez-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Luther Hopkins-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Doy Gildart-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Barrington Wright-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Deron Holmes-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Rosa Negrete-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Christopher Easter-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Julian Campbell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jayland Peterson-Long-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Michael Frederick-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Raivenn Lee-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Derrick Jones-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Timmie Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Malik Lucas-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Corey Thomas-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Linda Lando-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Edward Felton-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Anthony Hyman-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Edward Buchanan-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jared Wade-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Mollie Serna-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Laterry Dorsey-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Kerwin Wright-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Leon Tucker-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Keith Conway-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Dedrek Clarke-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Monique Rivera-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Vernon Johnson-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Dominic Martin-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Yasmine Bond-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jeremy Labranche-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. India Burnett-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. LaMarr Broughton-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Jamiethea Owens-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Alejandro Mora-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Diamond Woods-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Shaun Kerr-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Antoine Stockton-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Lewis Rodgers-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Derrick Gray-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Brianna Kroll-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Connor McClain-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Shane Allard-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Kevin Powell-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Shannon McCrackin-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Denzel Howard-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Martrese Skipper-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Zachary Page-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Tameka Gill-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Devon Lee-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Jerrell Price-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Lavelle Harrison-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Emmanuel Poku-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Byron Simmons-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Ms. Deborah Douglas-Community Service Volunteer-2021 

Mr. Javon Nelson-Community Servolunteer-2021

Ms. Alisha Rosado-Community Servolunteer-2021

Mr. Adan Araiza-Community Service Volunteer-2021

Mr. Marshon Vinson-Community Service Volunteer-2021