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Grant A Wish, Inc is a not for profit, tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization that grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children, since 1981. Grant A Wish was founded by Ms. Anne Blair to help make a difference in a child’s life that faced challenges at that time. Ms. Blair was involved with an organization that conducted lectures on the negative impact of the images of minorities in film and on television. She helped champion the fight against getting rid of stereotypical images, related to its effects on the minority segments of the population. In the course of her visits to conduct these lectures, she would notice that many of the children attending appear to be needing shoes, clothing, and other things she noticed. She would speak with the teachers, social workers and discovered that many of the children needed basic items like a coat, or a pair of shoes, clothing and many other things she found out that they needed to help them in school. In her basement at home, she started the Grant A Wish Organization to provide basic wishes to children that needed a pair of new gym shoes, a new coat, winter boots, general clothing items, school supplies, Christmas toys, eyeglasses to help them see better, and a host of so many other things that she would do on an individual bases to help make their life better. Ms. Anne Blair passed away in May of 2010 and we continue her mission to help those less fortunate.

In 1981, the first 50 wishes were granted with the help of so many lawyers, businessmen and professional people that would offer her a donation to help buy the things she needed to get for those children she encountered. By 1989, Grant A Wish had granted over 15,000 wishes to children around the Robert Taylor Housing Complex, Cabrini Green Housing Complex and to other parts of the City of Chicago. Ms. Blair would go where the need was, it didn’t matter to her where she had to go or how bad the neighborhood was and she had a heart of gold. She made a difference from the South Side to the West Side and to the North Side of Chicago. Ms. Blair was born in August of 1935 in Chicago. She experienced poverty in her community at a young age and when she became an adult wanted to help people by giving back.

As of 2018, Grant A Wish is still making a difference. Collectively with our programs, we have granted over 135,000 wishes. We are working to continue to improve our programs and we need your help. ms. Anne


Hats off to the Make A Wish Foundation for all their hard work. Making wishes come true for children with life-threatening illnesses around the world.

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Grant A Wish was founded, by Ms. Anne Blair to help economically disadvantaged children.

The following is an excerpt from a letter Ms. Blair wrote:

Often, when we don’t see how others live, it can be a harsh and unnerving reality, when we are confronted with negative situations involving children. Parents, teachers, social workers, and civil servants will tell you basic necessities such as clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and medical care go a long way in rectifying injustice in a child’s existence. These precious and necessary gifts demonstrate that someone does actually care!

Grant A Wish, Inc was founded by Ms. Anne Blair to address the needs of disadvantaged children all over the greater Chicagoland area. With the assistance at that time of the community, civic groups, wealthy individuals and professional businesses. Grant A Wish became a giant in the eyes of so many – many children and their families.

We are constantly working to continue the dreams of Ms. Anne Blair in our mission this 2018 year. Ms. Blair had always strived to engage people to act on behalf of the children she worked towards helping. Grant A Wish started out as a general wish organization. Providing a bulk of its wishes at Christmas time providing some 4,000 to 5,000 gifts to Chicago area school children through the Chicago Public School System. Ms. Blair would select 10 or more school to receive gifts and toys for Christmas for their students, whom 90% were from poor areas of the city. Ms. Blair would also identify children who needed more specific items like shoes, coats and other things like school supplies, eyeglasses, dental care and so much more she worked to solve the problems facing so many children throughout each year at those schools. She was a champion for the cause working with teachers, principal, social workers, and others to make a difference. It is our belief that we must continue to help where we can in her memory.


In the early days, the Grant A Wish Baby Program named today, use to be called the ” I Love My Baby Program “ . Ms. Blair worked tirelessly to help poor young mothers get the baby supplies that they needed for their infants coming out of area hospitals, after giving birth, since the inception of Grant A Wish in 1981. She would help the mothers with baby blankets, baby clothing, diapers, milk, and general baby supplies. As of 2018, we work harder today to ensure that we will continue to do our part to help families that are in need of baby supplies free of charge. We sponsor other programs like our Grant A Wish School Program that supports the concept that Ms. Blair wanted all children to have an opportunity to learn by having the tools to get an education by having free school supplies.

Ms. Blair would meet people on the street and she would ask them what is your biggest worries and many would say making sure we have enough food to eat. So our Grant A Wish Food Program was born in 2001, to give away free food to the needy. Today, Grant A Wish has given away over 1,125,000 lbs of food and we have fed thousands of families and their children as of 2001. We have been giving away free food monthly & weekly for over the last 18 years.

Our wish organization and its programs today is a culmination of all the general wishes that Ms. Blair would provide back in the ’80s & ’90s and at the turn of the century to children who needed a graduation outfit, eyeglasses, a new pair of shoes, a new coat, new clothes and a variety of individual wishes that she would provide per child. We can do more with your donations to help us help others. Ms. Blair was Grant A Wish and we can only hope & pray that we will be able to achieve at least half of the things that she was able to accomplish. She never stopped giving, caring and sharing for the sake of others enrichment and especially children.

Grant A Wish honors Ms. Anne Blair for her love for children, community and her love for family. Grant A Wish, Inc today in this year of 2018/2019 is continuing her dream. Support Grant A Wish, Inc today by mailing in a donation or making a donation online or help support one of our individual programs. Our organization survives off of public donations to continue our efforts, it is just that simple…





” Gifts That Make A Difference “

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On behalf of Ms. Anne Blair and the Grant A Wish Family, we