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Grant A Wish 2019 Annual Holiday Gift Program

Our Grant A Wish 2019 Annual Holiday Gift Program grants wishes during the Christmas holiday to needy, disabled and abused children through pre-selected agencies. The Christmas holiday is a special time for children and we provide " Gifts That Make A Difference ", especially during the Christmas holiday. Help Grant A Christmas Wish Today...

Grant A Wish 2019 Baby Program

Our Grant A Wish 2019 Baby Program helps economically disadvantaged families provide for their infants and toddlers with baby supplies. We provide available infant & toddler clothing, infant & toddler baby equipment, and a variety of baby supplies at no charge. We need your financial donation or the donation of gently used to new baby supplies & equipment.

Grant A Wish 2019 Food Program

Grant A Wish Food Program provides free food to economically disadvantaged, not only helping families but most importantly feeding children whose parents may not be able to provide all the nutritional food needed. We try to do our part to help feed families and to help eliminate hunger in our community. Together we can and should do our part to make a difference. No one should go hungry in America.

Grant A Wish 2019 Wish Program

From 1981-2016, Grant A Wish, Inc. has granted over 120,000 wishes with the help of our friends, donors, supporters and sponsors. Collectively, we can make a difference to help many of these children. It is very simple and your support will make a difference. We need your help, so do your part and help when you can. Join us with your support. Grant A Wish Today...

Grant A Wish 2019 School Program

Help economically disadvantaged school children by donating funds or new school supplies to our Grant A Wish School Program. Getting an education is the greatest thing a person can pursue, to learn something that you didn't know before and hopefully to help make a difference. Over 120 million children can't go to school around the world, in America, we owe it to our children to give them a chance to have a better future through getting an education, perhaps they will be able to make a difference for us all.