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Over the years, Grant A Wish, Inc has had many valuable volunteers since our inception in 1981. We recognize our volunteers when they are triumphant in their endeavors and also when they are in dire need.

Ms. Alesondjre Knoble is the current Director of our Grant A Wish School Program for over 6 years and volunteered during her summers away from college with our Founder Ms. Anne Blair before her untimely death in 2010. Although Ms. Knoble is our School Program director; giving out school supplies year round to local Chicago Public School students, she successfully runs her own business as a part-time Makeup Artist, children’s face artist, visual artist, hair technician and also works as a marketing professional.

She has given much of her time, money and talent to Grant A Wish, Inc and in order to continue to be of service and to maintain her many positive endeavors, she needs your help with the donation of a used or newer vehicle or a qualified mechanic who can donate the replacement of a transmission.

Her 2013 Nissan Altima that she purchased three years ago has a known CVT transmission defects, but Nissan refuses to issue a recall or honor repair or replacement. She still owes ten thousand dollars on the car note and does not have a vehicle to go to work or help with this year’s Grant A Wish Annual Holiday Gift Program. Time is of the essence.

Grant A Wish, Inc, has spent over 37 years granting wishes to needy, disabled and abused children through its programs and helps to feed for over 18 years with it food program thousands of people a year. Now we are the ones that could use a miracle, an angel, someone to grant our wish for one of our most valuable and ardent volunteers to recieve help. If you or someone you know has any information on car donations and or the donation of a new transmission, to help this determined and hardworking young lady please email us directly to: vitalthomas@grantawishincchicago.org or call our Grant A Wish President Mr. Vital Thomas at 773-454-8352.

Thank you, Happy Holidays and Peace, Love and Light!



Grant A Wish, Inc is in need of a vehicle in good condition for pickups and deliveries. All donations are tax deductible and we provided some information below to give you further information about the process of a vehicle donation. We are in need of a mid size vehicle in working condition to pick up donated items in and around the Chicago area. We all must do our part to share, care and give when we can for the enrichment of others less fortunate. We are measured by our deeds, so do a good deed and donate your vehicle to our organization. We are not interested in selling vehicles, we are interested in using the vehicle for our charitable activities only…Thank You For Your Donation… 

Make Sure Your Donated Car Will Be Well Spent

General Information:

So how can you protect yourself from car donation scams? And what about these new tax rules?

Begin by asking a lot of questions of the charity you are donating a car to.

  • Find out what percentage of the proceeds from sales of donated cars will go to the organization.
  • Find out whether the charity intends to sell the car donation or will keep it for its own use.
  • Ask who’s doing the actual selling and what percentage they charge.

Don’t be bashful about asking questions. It’s your vehicle, and this could be the biggest donation you’ll make this year.





Other things to remember when donating cars:

  • Make sure you have the right charity. Many of them have similar names, and it’s easy to confuse a local charity with one from far away.
  • If your favorite charity doesn’t advertise that it accepts car donations, ask anyway. Many need cars to use or would be willing to accept your car and then sell it.

If you still have concerns, contact your state attorney general’s office or your local Better Business Bureau office for more information.

You should check to make sure that the charity you are donating your car to is viewed as a tax-exempt organization in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You can also ask the organization to show you a copy of its tax-exempt status determination letter.

Some organizations, such as churches, synagogues, and government entities, aren’t listed in the publication. However, a donation to any of these organizations is still considered to be tax deductible.

It’s a good idea to transfer the title of any donated cars to the organization and make a copy of the title transfer for yourself. Take a picture of your vehicle before handing it over.



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