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We see lots of publicity for school backpack drives during this time of year. Kudos to those facilitators and the wonderful things that they accomplish. We too sponsor a backpack drive, but we at Grant A Wish, Inc., were thinking, what about the things that won’t fit into a backpack?

Who doesn’t remember having new outfits to wear for the first few weeks of school, new shoes, a needed eye exam and new glasses or even food for lunches and snacks? A lot of children do NOT have these things. That’s where Grant A Wish, Inc., and you can step in to make a child’s school year truly fulfilling and magical.

Grant A Wish, Inc is a not for profit, tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization that grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children since 1981. Grant A Wish was founded by Ms. Anne Blair to help make a difference in children’s lives that face challenges.

Mrs. Blair lectured at many Chicago Public Schools and in the course of her visits would notice that many of the children attending appeared to need shoes, clothing and other necessities. She would speak with teachers and social workers discovering that many went without basic items like a coat, or a warm pair of boots, eye glasses, or even pencils and paper. Grant A Wish, Inc., was started in the basement of her home, eventually moving to offices in the downtown Chicago area and a Children and Family Center in the Burnside neighborhood.

In 1981, the first 50 wishes were granted. As of 2018, Grant A Wish is still making a difference. Collectively with our programs, we have granted over 135,000 wishes. We are working to continue to improve our programs and we need your help with this gift card drive.

Though the school year has started in some sectors and will be starting soon here in Chicago, Grant A Wish, Inc., grants wishes to financially challenged families year-round. Grant A Wish, Inc., is a Guidestar Gold Member and we receive referrals from every part of the city including the City of Chicago 311 Helpline, most major hospitals like University of Chicago and Rush and social service agencies like the United Way and the Salvation Army. So please help us to meet the need for this school year and beyond. Thank you for your support. Peace and Light.








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