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Grant A Wish, Inc has decided to sponsor 3 times within a year a Baby Day which will be held in the spring, summer and fall of each year, dates to be announced. All families that sign up through the Grant A Wish Baby Program will be invited to participate in the events.  The Grant A Wish Baby Day will sponsor an event to give away large quantities of baby supplies, clothing and equipment to mothers and fathers for their infants and toddlers who are signed up with the Grant A Wish Baby Program. We will also have in attendance medical professionals and offer other services to pregnant mothers and to provide additional resources available from other organizations and groups that can help the families with other available resources.

We hope to develop it further where we can have a celebration of the community and the family for their future. We want to make books and printed material available to help with a variety of difference situations. Knowledge is power and we want to make available new information to utilize for the benefit of infants and toddlers. We want to help economically disadvantaged families through our baby program.  We are always working to make improvements to our baby program and you can do your part to help make a difference. You can also make donations of clothing, money or general baby supplies.

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