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Recently, our Grant A Wish, Inc organization has worked on various projects to improve the appearance of our southside center. We had a huge tree cut down to the ground that we have been trying to get cut down for years. No one would donate money or help us to get it done, so we got it done on our own. We had much-needed electrical work completed to update our service lines going into the building. We have replaced a total of 16 old outdated and in disrepair windows, and replaced them with new custom made windows, and replaced our water or rain gutters around the entire building.

We have completed painting the entire interior and replaced floor tile on the first & second-floor areas. We have purchased new totes for our baby clothing, baby supplies and we are totally reorganizing our inventory system for our baby program. We have also eliminated all cardboard boxes for our school supply program and replaced them with new varying-sized totes. Grant A Wish, Inc will constantly be working on making additional improvements throughout the building to give it a new look and improve our capacity to help more families with much-needed baby equipment & baby supplies for that program.

We are also making improvements to our food program. Stay tuned and join our social media feed which will also give more information and pay more attention to providing more information about our activities and resources.

All of our programs have remained in effect during this COVID-19 pandemic and together we can continue to live our lives the best we can together. You usually get what you give in life. If you want to receive the love you have to give the love, etc etc etc…