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Help build a future for economically disadvantaged students by donating new school supplies, sponsor a school supply drive, or donating funds to our Grant A Wish School Program. If you are able to provide school supplies to your child or student, this is not the program for you. Everyone doesn’t have enough money to make ends meet sometimes, so we make every effort to help those who may be struggling to help their child or children get an education, by receiving free school supplies. If you and your family are doing well economically, maybe you may want to consider donating school supplies to us to help others. All donations are tax-deductible.

Grant A Wish started a targeted Grant A Wish School Program in 2007, to provide free school supplies to eligible economically disadvantaged students who were in need of school supplies. Before 2007, school supplies were given out as part of our general wish organization. Our school program is a year-round program, but we give out a bulk of the school supplies at two major times of the school year. We give out free school supplies at the beginning of the school year in September and in December during the holiday break when applications are received. During the break, we provide a limited amount of school supplies based on what they need to finish the second half of the school year. When we give out free school supplies at the beginning of the school year, it is usually enough supplies to last the student for the entire school year or they will receive what was checked off on the application. It is also a chance for eligible students who missed applying at the beginning of the school year to get free school supplies at the midway point. We sponsor the Grant A Wish School Program, to give away free school supplies to eligible low-income students. They give a variety of free school supplies to help them with their education, based on what was checked off on the school application. We want to do our part to make a difference to help children get a good education and having the school supplies is a start.


Mr. Roger Malinski & St Hubert Catholic Church have donated school supplies every year for over 18 years. Mr. Roger Malinski & St Hubert Catholic Church has donated school supplies again this August 2018 to our Grant A Wish School ProgramWe appreciate their support…

On the application page on this website, is the Grant A Wish 2021 School Program Application which can be downloaded or printed out to apply for school supplies year-round, but again we have two major times of the year when a majority of the request are filled unless it is an emergency situation. In an emergency situation, a caseworker or someone in authority will contact Grant A Wish 2021 School Program at any time of the year and explain the special circumstances for the needed school supplies, then a determination will be made to grant the request or deny the request. The next major giveaway will be in September 2021. When applications are received, we will review them for the next disbursement. You will be contacted by us for the date to come to pick up your school supplies. Make sure you provide proof of income with the application, otherwise your application will be rejected. And you need to provide one application for each child that applies and you must make sure all questions are answered, failure to provide the individual application for multiple children will be rejected. Finally, mail the application to Grant A Wish, Inc School Program P.O. Box 17698 Chicago, IL 60617-0698


Our Grant A Wish 2021 School Program Director Ms. Alesondjre Knoble hired in May 2013 will make determinations related to approving applications and other administrative support. We welcome financial donations and the donation of school supplies year-round. Ms. Knoble tracks the availability of school supplies to make sure we have the needed school supplies in stock and other donations.

All applications received before the next distribution will remain on file until we approve or reject the application for the September of 2021 giveaway. All approved school applications are on a first come first serve, you will receive when available a school book bag or general bag & general school supplies or you will receive what was checked off on the application based on availability. As of September 2013, a decision was made to make the application available year-round online, but with a bulk of the disbursement to be conducted only twice a year at the beginning of the school year & during the holiday break of the school year, unless it is an emergency situation.

Just a little data for the last few years in September 2014, we gave away over 225 bookbags with general school supplies to eligible students based on the availability of the school supplies. September 2015, we gave away (195bookbags, September 2016, we gave away (165) bookbags, September 2017, we gave away (145) bookbags, September 2018, we gave away (225) bookbags, September 2019, we gave away (365) bookbags, September 2020, we gave away (125) bookbags with general school supplies to eligible students. Thank you to all who applied for their student.

Companies can help us give away more school supplies, by sponsoring a school supply drive, we welcome your support. We can only give away and accept applications based on our inventory of available school supplies.

We are working to improve & expand our school program, to give out 4 levels of school book bags or backpacks based on age, sex, and grade level. We also would like to give out a specific request for certain supplies needed in school this 2020/21 calendar year. We would like to provide tablets & notebooks for economically disadvantaged students to help them accelerate the information they receive to help them advance educationally. We are pursuing donations from corporations to help with advanced educational systems for motivated students. 

Supporters can help by purchasing general school supplies, volunteering, or sponsoring a school supply drive. You can help raise funds, then you can go to the store and purchase what is on the following list below, then donate those supplies and remember to keep your receipts for your taxes and to contact us for a tax letter to go with your receipt. The more school supplies we have available, then the more applications we are able to fill.

We wish to THANK YOU in advance for your support, it will certainly make a difference.

General School Supplies Needed:

Book Bags(age-appropriate styles) for preschool & kindergarten (Boy/Girl).

Book Bags for 1st grade thru to 5th grade (Boy/Girl).

Book Bags for 6 grade thru to High School (Boy/Girl).

Thermal Lunch Bags-Variety


Pens (BlackBlue, & Red)



Glue Bottles

Glue Sticks

Pencil Sharpeners

Colored Pencils

Colored Markers



Folders(Colored Variety & Type)

Spiral Notebooks-Variety Subjects/3 & 5 subject Notebooks

Three Ring Binders(Various Sizes & Colors)New

Three Ring Paper


Index Cards

Erasable Pens

Book Covers

Protractors & Compasses

Composition Books

Educational Devices(I-Pad, Laptops, etc)

Staplers & Staples

And any other general school supplies not mention here.

Children’s Books and General Educational Reading Material

We accept general school supplies for grades from preschool/kindergarten to juniors or up to the age of 16 years in high school. The educational arena is always demanding new types of materials that students are being asked to bring with them to school each year. We do our best to try and provide most of the items checked off of our school applications. We are always working to make improvements to our school program. We help provide the school supplies demanded by the school system & the teachers based on the learning curriculum.

Thank you for applying to our Grant A Wish 2021 School Program and we pray for the success and safety of your child this 2021/2022 school year. If you have made a financial donation or purchased school supplies, we thank you for your support. We do our part to help our children of all religions, sexual orientations, and ethnicity to get an education, so with encouragement, they can contribute to help make this world a better place for future generations.

Grant A Wish School Program- 2021/2022

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