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Grant A Wish, Inc is soliciting donations to help to provide needy, disabled and abused children with their wish. Our Grant A Wish Wish Program helps children with their wish requests. You can help by making a donation today. All donations are tax-deductible and your donation will benefit 100% the Grant A Wish Wish Program.

Grant A Wish, Inc was founded in 1981, to make a difference in the lives of children. Let’s grant their wish, so at least they can have some joy in their life for their future…


We are raising funds to help provide for a wide variety of different wish requests from medical equipment, medical services, dental services, physical therapy, or vision services for children to mention a few requests. When Grant A Wish was founded by Ms. Anne Blair, it started out as a general wish organization providing children’s clothing, baby supplies & equipment, school supplies, graduation outfits, and a variety of other requests from children that were filled by the organization on an individual basis and need starting in 1981. Over the last ten years, the needs have changed and families are requesting more food for their family, holiday wishes, electronic equipment, communication equipment, entertainment events for the children, birthday gifts, graduation and prom clothing, children’s furniture, money for summer camp, and so much more which is getting more complex.

Each wish is unique and funds raised are used for the general wish program and for a child’s request. This Grant A Wish Wish Program develops assistance from other sources for many Chicagoland area children living in financially disadvantaged families.

Grant A Wish, Inc has granted over 129,000 wishes through our programs with the help of so many supporters and sponsors throughout the greater Chicagoland area, since 1981.

Requests for wishes are mailed to Grant A Wish, Inc. Our Wish Committee reviews and decides if a wish will be granted on an individual basis. If we agree to grant the wish, then instructions on how to get the wish fulfilled will be sent to the applicant. We make every effort to make a wish come true, create magic, and help a child’s dream be fulfilled. Grant A Wish, Inc applauds Make A Wish Foundation for all of their hard work with children with life-threatening illnesses around the world. 

We want compassionate people to join, the Friends of Grant A Wish. We try to help make a difference in someone’s life, especially a child’s life. Granting a wish to a special child is important to us, especially these days with the unpredictability of violence. Increasingly so many children are found in a neglectful environment. Whether children are in these environments due to a lack of financial resources, or because of drugs use, or alcohol use or mental illness or whatever the circumstances, children should not have to suffer under these circumstances. In America, we should work harder to help our friends and fellow citizens, by supporting organizations and groups that fight against these conditions & hardships. We can all do our part, get involved to provide

” Gifts That Make A Difference”

Requested wishes are generally basic, but for some of the mentally or physically challenged children, their circumstances may require special needs & attention. Various equipment & services that are needed can be expensive. Abused children based on the situation, may need psychological counseling or psychiatric supervision, and hourly rates or discounted rates can still be expensive. Most needy children ask for basic items like a new coat, new clothing, new dress or gym shoes, a computer or tablet, a game system(PS3/X Box), a bed, a new graduation outfit, educational toys, electronic gadgets, and a wide variety of materialistic request. We are seeking sponsors who will go out, purchase these items, or make a financial donation to help grant their wish. With the support of kind people like yourself, anything is possible. Financial accounts and the segregation of specific funds for our specific programs, require fundraising & donations for cash expenditures for different specific wish request. Grant A Wish, Inc is dedicated to enriching children’s lives and to help those who can’t always help themselves. We can’t do anything without the support of the general public in one form or another. Financial donations are needed to continue our work. You can do your part by donating a $1, $5, or more through this website or by mailing in a check or money order to:

Grant A Wish, Inc P.O. Box 17698 Chicago, IL 60617-0698.

Help Grant A Wish raise funds, get involved and join our fight today.

Starting 2017—-our goal is to raise $25,000 for our Grant A Wish Wish Program

We have created three new levels of wishes/as of 2012:

General wishes:————-up to $500.00

Special wishes:————up to $1,500.00

V.I.P. wishes:—————up to $2,500.00

Wishes to a child in a particular situation can be uplifting to that child, that may be experiencing some difficulty in his or her life. Primarily African American & Hispanic children in 2017, in these larger inner cities worry about getting shot at a young age and families having to endure the heartache of burial or worrying about the trauma associated with disabilities as a result of violence. Our goal at Grant A Wish is to work towards helping to do our part when the call comes in to help make a difference. It is a simple equation when you think about it. If you have the ability to help someone or save someone’s life I think you should be an angel or hero for someone in need.

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Grant A Wish 2017/2021

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