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The Grant A Wish Baby Program is one of the most important program that we administer and we need people to give us support by make a donation of new or used(very good condition) baby supplies and equipment. If you have something that can help someone else in need than I think donating it is a form of paying it forward. Babies cost money and we all have came along as infants and someone had to utilize the same equipment and supplies for our upbringing.

Together we can ease the burden and help so many families with infants & toddlers, who are on a fixed income or who are unemployed, but still need help with their baby or babies. Grant A Wish Baby Program doesn’t charge a dime for the things we give away, but we have and are making a difference to help mothers & fathers through our baby program. Your donations make it possible for us to take what you have donated and pass it along to someone who is in need of those baby items. I have witnessed what Grant A Wish has done for those needing baby supplies, so we will continue our mission to do more for infants and toddlers.

Together we can provide

” Gifts That Make A Difference “