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Our Grant A Wish Food Program has been operational for over 17 years, giving away bags and boxes of food to hungry Chicagoan’s. Our give away’s consist of meat, fresh fruit & vegetables, assortment of bread and an assortment of dry & can goods. Our food program is 85% of the time open on Saturday mornings opening the door at 10:00 am and closing the door at 12 noon, we close periodically because we have run out of food or closing for holidays and other reasons. We operate a Federal Emergency Food Program and our food program operates on a first come first serve or until the food runs out, we have been making an effort over the years to make a difference battling the issues facing hunger in our communities. We believe one of the greatest thing in life you can do is to help feed someone who may be hungry.

On Saturday September 16, 2017, beginning at 7:00 am will start the 32nd Greater Chicago Food Depository Annual Hunger Walk, step off or the beginning of the walk is at 8:30 am. The Greater Chicago Food Depository is committed to advancing the fight to help eliminate hunger in Chicago with its innovative approaches to problems by solving them with creative projects and programs to help those on the front lines who operate shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries and others who are doing it every week. You can follow this link to walk under Grant A Wish or make a monetary donation to our Grant A Wish Food Program through the GCFD. Here is the link: www.classy.org/team/124763 and just follow instructions.

There have been some changes to the walk this year. There will be no registration at the walk, must be done in advance online through our above link and T-shirts will be available in advance and each walker will be given a bibs to wear to identify their group or pantry that will be counted once the walker passes under the welcome start sign at the walk. To eliminate the problems from last years walk it has been streamlined and improved for all participants. Additional info can be obtained from the Greater Chicago Food Depository 32nd Hunger Walk Site online. I want to thank you all in advance for your love and support of this years event.