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Grant A Wish, Inc has begun spring improvement projects at the center. We wish to thank Liberty Mutual Insurance Company employee Ms. Jasmin Dover from the Hoffman Estates Office for selecting our organization for the annual Serve with Liberty/Liberty Mutual Insurance Co National event, Ms. Dover is a area resident of the Chicago area. Ms. Dover came to work at Grant A Wish, Inc on May 10, 2017 and helped to complete a variety of task. We wish to Thank Liberty Mutual Insurance Co for sponsoring this event beginning May 1- May 12, and helping to make a difference in all the communities that Liberty Mutual Insurance Company services. We have projects inside and outside the center. From repairing flooring, to painting inside and outside, we have gardening projects including planting flowers and cutting trees down. We need the donation of 16 new windows for our centers first and second floor. We will also be cleaning out our basement for damaged supplies from floods over the years. We also will be tuck-pointing the exterior of our brick building. We need to repair our gutter system on the exterior of the roofing area. We will also be painting the first floor ceiling white and gold trim around the ceiling, additionally painting the woodworking for improvement of the center. Our decorative ceiling just got painted in May and hadn’t been painted in 16 years and it is an old fashioned ceiling from the 40’s, we also will be installing a movable flat screen TV for broadcasting our program information.

We have volunteers being assigned to us from the cook county court system to help us with a variety of projects. We are grateful to them for the support and we are looking to expand our center into the other lots we have to provide more assistance to residents with other programs and projects. We will be introducing the ” The Love Project “ soon to area residents to address crime issues and to help with an introduction to solutions to violence in the Chicago area. We will be making available a community board for posting of jobs, educational opportunities, information from other organizations that have programs to benefit the collective. We need grant writers to help with soliciting funds from funding sources. Just email us at: info@grantawishincchicago.org with any inquiries into possibly submitting grants with the government, foundations or the corporate community.

Our projects are to help develop and make improvement to our programs and activities for the benefit of all. We are in need of financial donations to help buy supplies or the donation of general supplies, especially new weatherized windows for some or all of the 16 windows we are in need of replacing. We will be also offering classes on a limited basis to assist with resumes and helping those seeking employment opportunities. These are just some of the projects for 2017 and we will be working harder to get funding for various future projects. We provide          ” Gifts That Make A Difference “ and together we can change the world.