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Grant A Wish, Inc is in need of a cargo van for the benefit of our organization. We need a cargo van to pickup donations of baby supplies and equipment. We also need the vehicle for general use related to the organizations programs and activities. You will receive a full tax write off for the donation of a vehicle in very good condition. We are not accepting vehicles with major mechanical problems or for other reasons not mentioned here. We prefer the donation of a cargo van for pickups of strollers, car seats, playpens, cribs, , bassinets, high chairs, baby swings, etc, etc, etc. If you are a car dealership and would like to receive a tax deduction for our use of a vehicle or a vehicle placed on loan or a tax deductible rental cost for the use of the vehicle. We are in desperate need of transportation for pickups, we have been renting U Haul vans and trucks and it has been costly over time. Thank you in advance for whatever consideration anyone is willing to give the Grant A Wish Organization.